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Customer area BotaniCERT® is your personal online space and 100% secure. With a few clicks, it allows you to easily manage your queries, your requests as well as the answers to your requests for results. It is also a privileged space for dialogue between you and our team of collaborators . So, take advantage of this platform and identify yourself to contact us regardless of the service concerned:


Call on our know-how for phytochemical identification (HPTLC, HPLC), botanical identification (microscopy, macroscopy) or even the writing of monographs of plant species.

The dosage

Request the assay of secondary metabolites (UHPLC-UV / ELSD / MS, HPTLC-Densitometer, GC-FID / MS) in your products or raw materials.

Research and Development

Request the study of the composition of plant species, ensure the validation of identification or dosage methods or call on a consultancy on the valuation of the plant (on raw material or finished product containing it).

Botanical references 

Access or purchase botanical reference standards with the guarantee of certificates of analysis..

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